Intelligent Motor Energy Controllers

Save fixed speed motor energy through intelligent manipulation of power.

The Problem
Induction motors have distinct inefficiences in that they cannot effectively adjust the amount of electricity they consume for the work they do; when they operate under less than full load, substantial power is wasted.
Envirostart™ Motor Energy Controllers automatically correct this inefficiency. 
Motors can consume electricity at more than ten times their capital cost each year. By giving you control over your motor, Envirostart™ MEC's can save between 15% and 40% of your electricity costs; without reducing speed, without any loss of power and without detriment to your motor or load. The units, designed to be simply fitted to single or three phase motors, will give soft start, energy control, soft stop, improved reliability and increased productivity.


In this section, you can find information regarding the following applications of EnviroStart products:

Injection Moulding - (Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural)
Air Compressors - (Industrial, Hospitals, Food Processing, Agricultural Feed Manufacturing)
Refrigeration Systems - (Retail, Hotel and Catering, Hospitals, Industrial, Food Storage)
Escalators - (Retail Environments, Hotels, Transport Hubs, Offices, Colleges)
Air Conditioning - (Manufacturing, Offices, Retail, Hotels and Catering)
Air Handling - (Offices, Industrial, Retail, Hotels and Catering, Chemical Manufacturing, Hospitals)
Fluid Pumps - (Industrial, Hotel and Leisure, Hospitals, Offices Blocks)
Grinders, Crushers and Mills - (Quarries, Mining, Flour Mills, Agricultural Feed Supply, Abbattoirs)
General Industrial Drives - (Conveyors, Mixers, Band and Strip Saws, Metal Rolling Mills, Presses)

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