Environmentally Friendly, Energy Saving LED Lighting Solutions

Solar PowerThat's right; energy saving lighting that can significantly reduce power consumption when compared with conventional lighting methods

Benefits of LED
1) Low energy consumption - saving up to 75% against conventional lighting
2) Long lifetime, in excess of 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance costs
3) Better for the environment - does not contain mercury or other pollutants
4) Durable - solid state technology, not effected by vibration
5) Instant lighting - no warm up times or flickering when turned on
6) Less heat produced than conventional lighting and no U.V

Fairburns Group provides a complete lighting service from initial energy audits to lighting design, specification, supply, installation and complete managed maintenance services.

Fairburns Group offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions using UK based manufacturers giving product warranties of three years as a minimum.

Britannia 24.5 XL110 – LED Batten Fitting
Endurance 18 XL110 - LED Path Light
Jaguar 24 XL110 - LED Globe Light
Jupiter 24 XL110 - LED Street Light
Jupiter 36 XL110 - LED Street Light
Jupiter 48 XL110 - LED Street Light
Jupiter 60 XL110 - LED Street Light
Mercury 150 - Solar Power Management Unit
Nelson 16 XL110 - LED Bollard
Neptune 5 - LED Bollard
Sovereign 48 XL110 - LED Low Bay

Sovereign 72 XL110 - LED High Bay
Spitfire 12 XL110 - LED Flood
Spitfire 24 XL110 - LED Flood
Spitfire 48 XL110 - LED Flood
Spitfire 72 XL110 - LED Flood
Star 4 XL110 - LED 2D Bulkhead
Venus - LED Ceiling Tiles
Victory 24.5 XL110 - LED Vapor Proof
Victory 36.5 XL110 - LED Vapor proof
Warrior 24 XL110 - LED Globe Light

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