Protol Explained

Open Protocol versus Closed Protocol

What is Protocol?
When referring to electronic products protocol could be described as the language that the devices use to communicate with each other, in the case of fire alarm systems this usually means the control panel communicating with it's call points detectors and interfaces.
Closed Protocol
Sometimes referred to as managed protocol, some company's have there own range of products manufactured on there behalf under an agreement that only allows them to use the protocol. The implication is that devices from any other manufacture will not work with a closed protocol system, usually the software to update and change settings on the control panels is also closely guarded, leaving you with a limited choice when it comes to repairs and alterations.
Open Protocol
Manufactures of open protocol products work with many different company's sharing information that allows a varied range of different devices to communicate with each other, this in turn promotes the manufactures to concentrate there development skills. These open protocol devices are then widely available at competitive prices, and as the areas leading company in electrical service and products Fairburns only use quality open protocol products, so our pledge is that if we fail to deliver the highest standards of service you'd expect, you will be free to use another competent company, as even competitor company's have access to the open protocol products we use.

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