Fire Alarm Equipment

From standard smoke detectors to bespoke designed air sampling systems

With so many products on the market it can be sometimes difficult to know which is the best type of detection you require, and now with a major emphasise from the authorities to reduce false alarms you need to be sure you have the best cover.
Our list of quality open protocol products have been built up many years of experience and training and includes:
• Apollo devices (conventional & addressable) click here for a link to apollo
• Hochiki devices (conventional & addressable) click here for a link to hochiki
• Optical beam detectors (to cover large areas usually warehouses)
• Air sense aspirating systems (often called air sapling, atmosfire systems or sniffer systems) click here for more info
• UV & IR detector (often EX rated for hazardous areas)
• Extingushant systems (used to cover essential equipment usually computer server rooms)
• Sounders (of all types many now with built in strobe indicators to help comply with the disability discrimination act DDA)

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