Fire Alarm Control Panels

High quality, reliable and all open protocol find out more about our extensive range of fire alarm control panels

There are many types of fire alarm control panels and all of them sit a the wall working away silently 24 hours a day 7 days a week, waiting for when they are needed, so when the all important time comes you need to assured that your fire alarm system will work correctly. At fairburns we only use the best products we can source and this is no exception with our fire alarm equipment. Our control panels are manufactured by Kentec which also manufacture the panels for such well know company's as Chubb, Kiddie fire and Tyco, and now Fairburns are the areas preferred supplier offering, supply, full support and warranty.
We can offer a full range of control panels from:
• 2-8 zone conventional panels
• 2-8 zone savwire panels (sounders on the same cable as the detectors)
• 16 zone single loop addressable panels
• Multi loop networked addressable panels (up-to 500 zone)
• Full graphical display systems
• Extingushant panels
All panels come with a 12 month warranty and are manufactured to EN54 and are BS marked.

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